Quality assurance and on time delivery are crucial for today's manufacturing industry.
Comprehensive, integrated and resilient supply chain plus the good-quality and hardworking labour,
ensure the quality and on-time delivery.

Sourcing materials and components

We have facilities for plastic injection and sheet metal forming; both are associated with tooling workshop and assembly lines. Depending on the project, we will cooperate with various suppliers and strategic partners, sourcing raw materials and components then make the final products at the production.


Most of core parts are produced in-house; we are also sourcing mechanical/electrical components from local vendors or distributors, as well as conducting the final quality control for finished products.

Quality Control

Our technical expertise enables us to provide a high-level of support and continuous services to you. We do our best to realize your designs into new parts/products, and will deliver products and services to meet or exceed your expectation.

We are experienced in project management with industrial knowledge, our responsibilities are keeping communicate with all stakeholders, ensure processes going smooth, on time and meet the quality standard.


Final products can be delivered by sea-freight, air-freight or couriers. We can also help to setting up drop-ship arrangement with professional logistic companies.