Material Consideration

We provide advice on the material selection for your design to ensure that the finished products could fit its purpose. In addition, right material selection could ensure the engineering and production feasibility as well as effective production time and cost.

Create Prototypes

We could help create the prototype for customer to evalute if the cosmetic appearance is satisfactory, and the product functions as expected in its final production before large scale production.

Product Review and modification

The purpose of the production review is to evaluate the production design and feature, the material selection to ensure that it fits with our moulding production and the most suitable packaging shape and method for the finished product.

Tool Configuration

After the materials have been selected and the product has been reviewed and modified, we have to determine the tool configuration to achieve the target of production optimisation and meet customer’s need.

Product application and feature, moulding material, parting line, tool material, number of cavities, customer’s requirement, etc., are the factors to determine the tool configuration.

Optimal tool configuration helps production efficiency and effectiveness as well as minimizes the production defect and wastage.